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Healthy Roots Bare More Fruits!

Bud Bionics has proven time and time again to enhance the final product, referencing Cannabis and Hemp. The buds that are created from the use of Bud Bionics are incredible! Overall, up to 35% more yield, the buds are much larger, heavier terpenes and trichomes. This product helps facilitate improved health for the plant during the whole growth cycle, and assists in providing the nutrients that you are providing, it actually performs as a nutrient uptake facilitator, distributing nutrients to the whole plant. Bud Bionics is 100% organic. When utilizing Bud Bionics with your farming techniques, we suggest that you don’t change anything that you are currently doing, simply add our product during your watering cycle, and continue your existing farming techniques. We know that you will see great results!

Designed to Increase Yields & Maximize Root Systems

Bud Bionics Microbial Soil Enhancer maximizes root systems & stem strength, increases yields, potency, and size, restores the soil's natural biology, rejuvenates plants & crops & reduces bacterial diseases by providing highly concentrated & beneficial Micronutrients. One of the most important components of any fertilizing/feeding program is Micronutrients & Enzymes. This is why Bud Bionics Microbial Soil Enhancer excels. Billions of Microbes are inside Bud Bionics which makes it Super Concentrated. Take a look!

Bud Bionics Soil Applications

6 Gallons when using with Soil/Coco.

 1,892 Gallons when using with Hydroponics.

Recommended Application: Soil/Coco - Mixing Ratio: *4 ml to 1 gallon of water. *20 ml to 5 gallons of water. Dechlorinated H2o works best. Hydroponics - Mixing Ratio: *2 ml to 1 gallon of water. *10 ml to 5 gallons of water. Based on tank size, use the above mixing ratio when feeding & recharging the system. Bud Bionics works with any fertilizer or feeding schedule. After mixing, set for 1 hr. to allow microbes to activate. After mixing, use within 24 hrs. Use Bud Bionics throughout the growing cycle. Soil/Coco: add 1-2 ml if needed during bloom. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING.

Billions of Microbes Working For You!

Bud Bionics is Super Concentrated. Use the above-Recommended Application when using with Soil/Coco or Hydroponics. Bud Bionics is loaded with Billions of Microbes & Humic Acids. 

Bud Bionics has specifically chosen five different species of microbes to work in conjunction with each other. Also, we have infused Humic Acid into our product to allow prolific nutrient uptake. We have gone the extra mile to create a product that contains billions of microbes, not just millions.

After years of study, testing, and research, we are confident the selected microbes in Bud Bionics deliver the best possible option in the field of Biotechnology regarding microbial science.


How Does Bud Bionics® Work?

Bud Bionics creates a balanced soil environment for healthy plant growth which requires the ability to fully access the soil particulates and enriches them with phytonutrients utilizing highly concentrated microorganisms and organic materials. The application of Bud Bionics creates superior root systems that can efficiently assimilate nutrients and micronutrients in the soil, resulting in higher yields and better plant health for all types of plants, crops, and trees. Bud Bionics is developed and produced in the USA, with the highest quality standards.

Increase Nutrient & Micronutrient Uptake

Bud Bionics Bio-Microbial Enhancer is a proprietary liquid formula created with many years of research and extensive lab and field tests. Bud Bionics is proven to: help increase yields, improve soil-root-plant health, balance soil nutrients, penetrate and loosen clay soils, leach salts from root zones, reduce harmful nematodes, increase nutrient and micronutrient uptake, and increase cathode ion transfer.


Roots & Micronutrients

Bud Bionics has been developed to provide the soil through the root system with the necessary micronutrients and microorganisms to ultimately support the plant development. These micronutrients can be chelated and complexes by amino acids making it available to the plants. The interaction of these organometallic compounds with the metal ions allows a more efficient transfer of the micronutrients across the cell membrane and allows the plant’s active root transport system to be more efficient.

Once chelated, the micronutrients are seen as complex organometallic ions and not simply metal ion. This allows the plant to transfer the metal ions across the cell wall. Dramatic increases in the uptake of necessary micronutrients are observed when a soil balance has been attained, resulting in both improved crop quality and yield. Bud Bionics was developed specifically to address the needs of the complex symbiotic processes that must take place in the soil; it has proven to improve root growth as well as better tolerance to infestations of nematodes as well as diseases.


Bud Bionics®: A Shelf Life Like No Other

Bud Bionic's shelf life is like no other. The combination of the microbes used in Bud Bionics is encapsulated and remains dormant until activated by water. Once the specific formulated microbes are released from the water activation process, they have the ability to become self-splitting and create multi-billions (not millions like some others) of microbes. Unlike some competitors, our product is not manufactured in its diluted form; giving it much longer shelf life. Essentially, our product shelf life begins when the water activates the billions of microbes.


Bud Bionics® Crushes Our Competitors, promoting increased yields, higher potency, and healthier plants!

Bud Bionics has completed our own side by side comparisons to many microbial products used for plants, with amazing results. We urge you to do your own side by side comparison studies. Bud Bionics has outperformed all the competitor’s microbial products that we tested against with outstanding and unquestionable results.



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Bud Bionics® - State of the Art Biotechnology Using Beneficial Microbes

Bud Bionics Microbial Soil Enhancer for Plants is available in 32 oz. & 1 Gallon Size F-Jugs. Bud Bionics Ingredients:  Soil Amending Ingredients: Humic Acids 6% obtained from humic elements, total other ingredients 94%. Soil Organisms: Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, Bacillus licheniformis, Bacillus megaterium, Bacillus subtilis. H2o works best. Hydroponics: 2 ml to 1 gallon of water. 10 ml to 5 gals of water. Based on tank size, use the above mixing ratio when feeding & recharging the system.  Advanced Soil Nutrients + Bud Bionics = Healthy Soil Biology.

Bud Bionics® Microbial Soil & Hydro Enhancer

Bud Bionics is Your One-Stop-Shop! Bud Bionics rejuvenates soil, increases nutrients, and decreases the use of chemical fertilizer dependencies. Bud Bionics also helps to protect root systems, reduce bacterial plant diseases, and softens soil and increases water retention which produces early harvest and a higher quality product. (Return On Investment = 2X-4X). Use Bud Bionics in addition to your fertilizer/feeding program. Click below to go to Our Online Store!