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Behind the Power of Bud Bionics® Microbial Soil & Hydroponic Enhancer


Bud Bionics, Inc. is located in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. We are a Biotechnology Corporation that specializes in the use of Microbial Technology (Beneficial Microbes) for plant life, through Soil use.

Our Scientists, along with our Research and Development team have decades of experience in the field of Microbial Technology. The technology that we have strived to achieve and accomplish is very simple. In any plant, a healthy root system is imperative to support the plant size, yield, stem strength, potency, and overall health of the plant.

Using beneficial microbes to enhance your growing medium by fighting off harmful bacteria to the roots, inoculating the root system, and replacing them with useful beneficial bacteria enables the plant to fully mature without any distractions, creating a healthy environment allowing the plant to grow to its full potential.

Bud Bionics Microbial Enhancer was developed to create a maximized root system for plants to allow maximized conversion of nutrients. This state of the art biotechnology has been scientifically proven to be efficient in transporting the nutrients throughout the whole plant and generating increased amounts of phosphorous along the way.

We specialize in soil and plant life on a day to day basis. Combined with our expertise in biotechnology, along with our cultivating and technique skills regarding certain plants we have stayed focused that Bigger Buds, Higher Yields, Elevating Phosphorous, Converting Nutrients, Bigger Roots and Stronger Stem Strength is everyone’s objective. Bud Bionics Microbial Enhancer formula has made it possible for Bud Bionics, Inc. to deliver the best innovation in the world of Microbial Technology in today’s marketplace.

Bud Bionics® & Humic Acid

Bud Bionics has introduced Humic Acid into our product because it is one of the best biostimulants refined naturally, improving the boost of nutrients in any growing medium. Humic Acid is one of the best intermediate chelators. The meaning of the word Chela means claw; thus, chelates are live molecules that grab onto the mineral ions in a claw-like fashion, holding them dense enough so they don’t get intertwined in your growing medium, but loosely enough so they are available to the plant on command. Humic Acid isn’t actually absorbed up through the roots, but it gently holds onto minerals in the root
zone (Rhizosphere), making them much more accessible to the plant.

ripe red hot chili peppers on a tree Red hot chili peppers are being grown with Bud Bionics at C. Lopez Farms, California[/caption]

Bud Bionics Microbial Soil Enhancer elevates phosphorus levels because the microorganisms used in our product are involved in a range of processes that affect the transformation of phosphorus (P) and become an integral component of the Phosphorus (P) cycle. In particular, microorganisms are effective in releasing (P) from inorganic and organic pools of the total (P) through solubilization and mineralization. The microbial biomass also contains a significant quantity of immobilized (P) that is potentially available to the plants. Microorganisms, therefore, are critical for the transformation of (P) making them readily available. These processes are extremely significant in the rhizosphere zone near the roots of plants.

Bud Bionics® Provides Maximum Benefits for All Types of Soil & Hydroponic Applications

Microbials: provide enzymes, metabolites, and beneficial microbial biomass that aid in building soil structure. Humic Acid: provides the necessary amino acids and protein to support an active microbial population to support active and healthy plant growth. This is beneficial for all types of Soil including Hemp Farms, Cannabis Farms, Vineyards, Orchards, Agricultural Crops, Golf Courses, Greenhouses, Growhouses, Home Gardening & More.

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