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Foliar Feeding

Definition – What is the meaning of Foliar Feeding?

Foliar feeding is the utilization of compost specifically on the leaves of a plant. Despite the fact that not thought about an option for astounding soil and developing conditions, plants can ingest supplements through their foliage. Foliar feeding is a great method to supply the micronutrients of iron and zinc, which plant plants may not require a lot of, but rather isn’t generally accessible in the dirt.

Foliar Feeding explained by Bud Bionics  

Foliar compost for home utilize is for the most part accessible in a handheld splash bottle, however for business utilize is frequently connected through a water system or moistening framework.

Foliar feeding can be as straightforward as the utilization of a custom-made manure tea, or a mind-boggling mix of business compost in fluid frame. Ocean growth separate is one type of generally utilized foliar manure.

While prove proposes foliar feeding doesn’t do much for officially solid plants, it is useful for a lift if your plants are under pressure, experiencing a bug invasion, illness, or dry spell.

Foliar feeding may likewise be known as foliar treatment.

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