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Definition – What is the meaning of Rhizome?

A rhizome alludes to the adjusted stem of a plant that has a tendency to develop evenly rather than vertically. Rhizomes become under the dirt and new development may every so often grow at various edges. Since it is found under the ground, a typical misguided judgment is that the rhizome is a piece of the root. In any case, it is really a stem that develops underneath the surface of the ground.
Rhizomes assume a vital part in spread and multiplication since they have the ability to attack the space beside the parent plant, thus promising the presence of crisp new shoots.

Rhizome explained by Bud Bionics

In plant science, there are a few distinct kinds of rhizomes. For instance, a sort of rhizome known as rootstock is frequently utilized as a part of plant engendering, particularly with regards to orchids, cannas, lilies of the valley, and asparagus.
Rhizome engendering is really the most prominent type of agamic proliferation in expansive hectares of horticultural land. A few plants, in any case, can frame stems under the surface of the ground without fundamentally shaping rhizomes. Cases incorporate tubers, sprinters, corms, and globules

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