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Our Story: Bud Bionics & Tahoe CBD


Back in the early 1970s, the Young family dabbled in growing cannabis. We continued to try to obtain the best products for that time. A close family friend returned home from Asia after he was introduced to growing with Microbes, the concept enchanted us very much, especially after seeing his finished harvest. The idea of putting live beneficial microbes into the soil to eradicate the harmful bacteria and replacing it with beneficial bacteria seemed like a no brainer. After years of Research and Development, we perfected, patented, and trademarked our product that we call “Bud Bionics” Microbial Soil Enhancer.

Bud Bionics has been a great success with farmers across the country, not only does Bud Bionics create healthier plants, it also produces a much higher yield! Tahoe CBD, Inc practices only Organic farming techniques.  At this point, we decided to get back into farming on a much larger scale and started growing Industrial Hemp. Recognizing that our Industrial Hemp was far superior in size and potency after our first harvest. We then decided it was time for us to get into manufacturing finished CBD Products.

We brought in State of the Art CBD Processing Technology on sight to the farm creating an outstanding CBD oil that is second to none. From there we concentrated on putting our GMP-certified lab together to facilitate our finished CBD products.

As you can see Tahoe CBD, Inc. has one of the largest array of CBD products in the country. Tahoe CBD is happy to offer a 30-day return policy because our products are the best and they rarely ever get returned. Tahoe CBD, Inc. is truly a Seed to Shelf company, and we oversee every phase of our 100% Organic growth cycle, processing our CBD oil and finally the actual manufacturing of our products. All of our products undergo 3rd party testing prior to sending anything from our facility.








Jack Young CEO
Bud Bionics / Tahoe CBD Inc.


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